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Changes in the event industry have led to the birth of a new trend – the micro-wedding.

With safety at the forefront, we have quickly adapted, innovating new ways to help our customers celebrate love. Over 70% of our couples for the remainder of 2020 have decided to hang on to their ceremony dates and we’ve created a new experience that helps keep everyone safe while delivering on their dreams - the micro-wedding.

*SETTING ABOVE  New product range available from AMICA EVENT HIRE:  Eden Dining Chairs, Eden Bar Stools, Kingston Marble Table, Terrazzo Black Bar Table, Custom Florals, Glassware, Charger Plates, Candles  and Cylinders, Cutlery, and complete decor. Say Hello and enquire to find out more. 


A micro-wedding has significantly fewer guests than the average wedding. Cutting the guest list lets the couple optimise their budget and express themselves with no limits. Hosting fewer attendees creates a feeling of intimacy, and exclusivity, making the occasion all the more memorable.


The AMICA team have crafted specialised packages and ceremony settings to deliver an intimate, luxury and high-impact wedding event that can be customised for each couple.


Indulge in fine dining as we help you create a sumptuous experience for you and your hand picked guests. Enjoy customisable arrangements, with a range of furniture, place settings, napkins, cutlery and fine glassware. Our designers have distilled the magic of our grand wedding events into a smaller, more affordable, but no less spectacular experience.

_T3A4021 copy.jpg


Though the event is smaller, the decorations can create a buzz. The micro-wedding focuses on stylish centrepieces tailored to a couple’s personal tastes. These, combined with an endless array of smaller decorative flourishes, create a fully realised aesthetic for your intimate extravaganza.

*SETTING ABOVE  New product range available from AMICA EVENT HIRE:  Hex Mirror Dining Table, Gold Cutlery, Silver Trim Charger Plates, Crystal Glassware, Linen Grey Napkin, Crystal 10-Stem 1.6m tall Candelabra, Custom Silk Floral, Silver Halo Chairs and complete decor.  Say Hello and enquire to find out more. 



Lighting can create an intimate and uplifting experience, setting the mood and bringing your theme to life. You could add a touch of delicate candlelight on your table-scape or an abundance of skylight with fairy lighting or festoon lighting. You can define the space or highlight a special area, for example, a chandelier suspended on a tree branch or our custom new open air structures within your dining setting.

*SETTING ABOVE  New product range available from AMICA EVENT HIRE:  Dining Tables, Mirror White Dance-floor, Centrepieces, Cutlery, Charger Plates, Glassware, Candles, Custom Made Silk Florals, Linen Napkins. Say Hello and enquire to find out more. 


Don’t put love on hold. Our calendar is now filling fast with these intimate events, so make sure you get in early. Save your original wedding date, save on your budget and eliminate stresses by opting for a micro wedding. If you’re ready to plan your dreamiest micro-wedding and explore what luxury on a budget looks like, explore our new catalogue and see which one inspires you.

Complete the form to download our Micro Wedding catalogue.

Download our micro-wedding catalogue
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